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Dads in the Making Fertility Infertility Christian Support Group

The story of Dads in the Making is born from Caroline and I, Colby, getting married over 12 years ago. Within a year of marriage, we were ready to grow our family, and we each got tested due to previous medical histories. When we were diagnosed with infertility, it was devastating, but we were immediately hopeful because our shared Christian faith had much to say on the topic. 

Within months, Caroline felt called to share our journey on her blog, In Due Time, and soon after, she started a Bible study in our living room with other women who were also trying to grow their families, which officially became a faith-based fertility support group called Moms in the Making. In 2017, Moms in the Making held its first annual conference in Dallas, Texas,with the help of many volunteers, including the husbands of some members.

My own story of navigating infertility looked much different than Caroline’s all those years ago. While she quickly engaged and grew a community of women to pursue hope and encouragement, I went about life as normal as possible while seeking a new career opportunity in law enforcement. But as time passed and Moms in the Making experienced rapid growth with testimonies of breakthrough, healing, and personal transformation, the need and desire for a place for husbands became apparent.

Finally, during the 2022 conference, Dads in the Making was announced, and it launched its first virtual group in January 2023.


Dads in the Making exists to bring an end to the hopelessness and isolation experienced by men going through infertility by giving them the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ and creating a community of men being led out of the wilderness of infertility and into the promises of God. 


  • Salvation of men’s souls into the eternal kingdom of God
  • Strengthen men’s personal walks with the Lord in this life on earth
  • Strengthen men’s marriages
  • End infertility and see families started and grown


  • Connect with a community of men who, alongside their wives, are also trying to grow their families
  • Learn to pray for yourself and others with authority and confident expectation
  • Discover your God-given purpose and identity
  • Learn what the Bible says about healing, stewardship, the Holy Spirit, and more
  • Learn and apply God’s Word to overcome confusion and lies in the world
  • Learn to lead, encourage, and comfort your wife